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Project Summary

What is dojangoDojango is a reusable django application that helps you to use the client-side framework dojo within your django project.

It provides capabilites to easily switch between several dojo versions and sources (e.g. aol, google, local) Delivers helping utilities, that makes the development of rich internet applications in combination with dojo more comfortable. It makes the building of your own packed dojo release easier.

Another goal of this project is, that you can learn how you have to structure your html to use dojo within your projects.

Dojango 0.3.0 is just running with Django versions >= 1.0.

Dojango 0.3.1 is compatible with Django >= 0.96. This is because dojango is now able to run on Google AppEngine and that platform uses Django 0.96. UPDATE: Not needed anymore, because AppEngine now supports Django 1.0

Dojango 0.4: the FormIntegration just works with Django >= 1.0.2

Dojango 0.4.6: Dojo/Django ModelStore (Thanks to Ben Wilber, Documentation: http://sites.google.com/site/djangomodelstore/), easy dojo media file handling (dojo-media) and several bug fixes. Also available within PyPI ("easy_install dojango").

Documentation and HelpSee a sample usage of dojango:


For tutorials and screencasts visit http://blog.uxebu.com

Find us hanging out in the IRC channel on freenode.net #dojango.

Ask questions, suggest new features or read other peoples thoughts in the Dojango Google Group at http://groups.google.com/group/dojango-users

Find more info in the wiki:

GettingStarted - How to install, setup and get the dojango test page running - in only two steps! (french version by Gilles Paul Dubois) Dojo Build - How to pack, build, optimize the JS source code by easily making a dojo build. Configuration - How to configure dojango. Dojo within Django example - An example django page using dojo. Django and templates - Describes how dojango can load its context into your template. Add dojo source - How to add your own dojo source version and to enable custom builds. Dojango on AppEngine - How to deploy your dojango powered app to Google's AppEngine Using Dojo form elements - How to enable Dojo's form functionality in dojango. Road map - What is the plan for the future, what is coming up next.

Or out in the wild internet:

AJAX with dojango - You got dojango and you want to write an AJAX app, read this blog article on how to make client server communication easy including JSON encoding and all that is needed. Dojo namespacing with dojango - If you want to know something about how dojo is using namespaces and how you incorporate it into your own reuseable django application, you should read this post.


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