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May 20, 2023 — May 20, 2024
Commit Message Contributor Files Modified Lines Added Lines Removed Code Location Date
GHA: pin dependencies More... 1 day ago
appveyor: drop unnecessary `--clean-first` cmake option More... 2 days ago
GHA: disable TFTP test on native Windows More... 3 days ago
cmake: do not pass linker flags to the static library tool More... 3 days ago
GHA: ignore flaky test2302 results on Windows More... 3 days ago
cmake: merge two `if(BUILD_TESTING)` branches More... 3 days ago
GHA: bump nghttp2 to v1.62.1 More... 3 days ago
GHA: pin dependencies More... 4 days ago
CURLOPT_WRITEFUNCTION.md: fix the callback proto in the example More... 4 days ago
rustls: fix handshake done handling More... 4 days ago
x509asn1: return error on missing OID More... 4 days ago
vquic-tls: use correct cert name check API for wolfSSL More... 5 days ago
sponsors: link to sponsor requirements doc More... 5 days ago
docs/videos: tiny formatting updates More... 5 days ago
pytest: add DELETE tests, check server version More... 5 days ago
docs/videos: add several slide links More... 5 days ago
rustls: fix partial send handling More... 5 days ago
ci: disable Renovate dashboard More... 5 days ago
libtest: 2308 verifies CURLE_WRITE_ERROR after write callback error More... 5 days ago
rustsls: fix error code on receive More... 5 days ago
RELEASE-NOTES: synced More... 5 days ago
cmake: initialize `BUILD_TESTING` before first use More... 6 days ago
GHA: update awslabs/aws-lc to v1.27.0 More... 6 days ago
socketpair: fix compilation when USE_UNIX_SOCKETS is not defined More... 6 days ago
curl_easy_pause.md: use correct defines in example More... 6 days ago
pytest: fixes for recent python, add FTP tests More... 6 days ago
reuse: migrate standalone license file to dep5 More... 6 days ago
GHA: pin dependencies More... 6 days ago
Revert "ci: update nghttp2/nghttp2 to v1.62.0" More... 6 days ago
socket: remove redundant call to getsockname More... 6 days ago