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Analyzed almost 3 years ago. based on code collected almost 3 years ago.
Posted about 14 years ago by tolmasky
This new tutorial covers Cappuccino’s powerful system of automatic resizing and repositioning support for creating dynamic layouts easily and quickly.  Proper resizing behavior is an important part of polishing any application, so make sure to check it out!
Posted about 14 years ago by tlrobinson
In the final installment of the Cappuccino Tool article series (for now), we cover “bake”, an automatic deployment tool. Writing a Cappuccino application does not require using “bake”, but can help with more advanced deployments. Introduction “bake” ... [More] is somewhat analogous to Capistrano, a deployment tool often used for deploying Ruby on Rails and other applications, but “bake” [...] [Less]
Posted about 14 years ago by ross
Yesterday, Francisco and Tom checked in a new feature to the Cappuccino git repository, called accessor synthesizing. This is a new language feature for Objective-J, and its designed to reduce the amount of boilerplate code developers have to write in a custom class. Normally, when you write a custom class in Objective-J, you also write [...]
Posted about 14 years ago by tolmasky
We’ve just finished the latest installment in the Scrapbook Tutorial Series.  In Part II, we cover adding drag and drop to the application so that can begin allowing the user to start generating content.  In the process we cover a number of other Cappuccino topics, including creating and setting up collection views, panels, and scroll [...]