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Analyzed over 3 years ago.
Posted almost 13 years ago by Tom Savage
Status update: Where we at? Angelfall is progressing nicely with most of the core functionality in place: Geometry Materials (with textures) Scene graph GLSL shaders However, there are a few important areas I need to address as well. Performance ... [More] As the engine stands right this second, the default scene has four low-polly models on display. Each of these are drawn using glVertex() type [...] [Less]
Posted about 13 years ago by Tom Savage
It took a little thinking about and quite a lot of hacky property methods but scene serialization to/from XML now works! The main issues were with not serializing model data but providing a path instead. There was also the old issue of serializing System.Drawing.Color as well but I had already solved that before in material [...]
Posted about 13 years ago by Tom Savage
Well, this is the first post of the dev blog. I’ve already been working on Angelfall for a little over a month now (starting from zero C# experience) and I’m quite happy with progress. I also added the code base to GitHub today because it felt like the right time (and I hate adding projects [...]