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AceMDI is a small MDI Framework that facilitates the creation of professional looking MDI applications. With Swing, JDesktoPane and JInternalFrame are provided to use with MDI applications. But JInternalFrame has a rather annoying behaviour. When maximized JInternalFrame only occupies the whole area of the desktop pane with its title bar as is. What a general GUI user expects is that the title bar should vanish and the minimize, maximize and close buttons should appear in the menubar of main application frame. Due to this, many programmers do not use JInternalFrame. Instade they use closeable Tabs to represent their documents. But in this approach they loose the facility to place to documents side by side in "restored" state to compare them. AceMDI is made to solve exactly these two problems. It manages your "views" as closable tabs (with system menu) when maximized and as internal frames when restored or minimized.,



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