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  Name I Use This Lines of Code   Current Committers Community Rating Reviews Description  
Xfce Terminal 37 16471
0 Terminal is a modern terminal emulator for the Unix/Linux desktop - primarily for the Xfce desktop environment. It is a lightweight emulator based on the VTE widget, easy to use and provides an optional drop-down window (game-console style).
Garcon 2 8550
0 compliant menu library
ristretto picture... 5 14074
0 Ristretto is a fast and lightweight picture-viewer for the Xfce desktop environment.
Xfce4-screenshooter 3 5198
0 This application allows you to capture the entire screen, the active window or a selected region. ... [More] You can set the delay that elapses before the screenshot is taken and the action that will be done with the screenshot: save it to a PNG file, copy it to the clipboard, or open it using another application. A plugin for the Xfce panel is also available. [Less]
Tumbler 2 15048
0 Thumbnail service implementing the thumbnail management D-Bus specification, it has configurable support for various kinds of thumbnails like jpeg, movies (ffmpeg or gstreamer backends), fonts, raw images, pdf, movie covers or odf files.
Thunar 37 86098
0 Thunar is a modern file manager for the Xfce desktop environment. Thunar has been designed from the ... [More] ground up to be fast and easy-to-use. Its user interface is clean and intuitive, and does not include any confusing or useless options. Thunar is fast and responsive with a good start up time and directory load time. Thunar is accessible using Assistive Technologies and is fully standards compliant. [Less]
Xfce4-verve-plugin 0 1736
18 none 0 Command line plugin for the Xfce panel. Supports completion, history, launching commands in a terminal and launching URLs and e-mail addresses in your favorite programs.
Squeeze 0 16985
15 none 0 Squeeze is one of the two Xfce archive managers. It can be used to open several archive-types like .zip, .tar and .rar archives.
Xfce4 Notify Daemon 8 6401
0 The Xfce Notify Daemon is an easily-themeable notification daemon implementing the Galago Desktop Notification Specification. The daemon support fun and useful eye-candy like shaped windows and transparent/fading notifications.
Xfburn 3 14296
0 Xfburn is a simple CD/DVD burning application.
Xfce Notes plugin 3 3269
0 The notes plugin provides you a quick way to paste text, to write down a list of things, to leave a note to your friend, or whatever you had do with Post-It’s.
Xfmpc 1 3484
0 A graphical GTK+ MPD client focusing on low footprint.