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  Name I Use This Lines of Code   Current Committers Community Rating Reviews Description  
Datovka for Android 0 0
0 none 0 Nativní aplikace pro práci s Datovými schránkami pro všechny telefony a tablety s operačním systémem Android.
Knot Resolver 3 52772
0 Knot DNS Resolver is a caching full resolver implementation written in C and LuaJIT, both a resolver ... [More] library and a daemon. The core architecture is tiny and efficient, and provides a foundation and a state-machine like API for extensions. There are three modules built-in - iterator, validator, cache, and a few more are loaded by default. Most of the rich features are written in Lua(JIT) and C. Batteries are included, but optional. [Less]
Tablexia 0 73788
3 none 0 Tablexia is a modern educational application supporting the development of cognitive abilities. It ... [More] is primarily intended for dyslexic children at the higher grades of primary school. It can be used as a supplement to standard lessons at schools, as well as at pedagogical and psychological counseling centers, at DYS-Centrum Praha, and also for individual development of people with dyslexia. [Less]
iDatovka 0 0
0 none 0 iDatovka is an application that allows access to the digital communication system called Datove schranky endorsed by the Czech government from iOS devices.
Datovka 1 78244
0 none 0 Datovka je aplikace pro přístup k Datovým schránkám (dále DS). Obsahuje základní funkcionalitu pro přihlášení do DS, vyzvednutí doručených zpráv, přístup do adresáře DS a odeslání zprávy do jiné datové schránky.
DNSSEC/TLSA Valid... 0 23319
0 none 0 DNSSEC Validator checks whether a domain name in displayed page address is secured by DNSSEC. The users can easily visually recognize whether the page was loaded from the authentic server or whether the page could have been spoofed.
Knot DNS 6 151730
0 Knot DNS is a high-performance authoritative-only DNS server which supports all key features of the domain name system including zone transfers, dynamic updates and DNSSEC.
BIRD Internet Rou... 6 48912
0 The BIRD project aims to develop a fully functional dynamic IP routing daemon primarily targeted on ... [More] (but not limited to) UNIX-like systems. What do we support: - Both IPv4 and IPv6 - Multiple routing tables - BGP - RIP - OSPF - Static routes - IPv6 Router Advertisements - Inter-table protocol - Command-line interface - Soft reconfiguration - Powerful language for route filtering [Less]