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Technical Issue Help : Project not analysed

Hello Peter, thank you for your reply. And sorry for not answering sooner but the post seemed to have vanished from the forum page, so I needed to use the search to find it. All those folders are ... [More] from the same repo. If there are problems, they are temporary. I tried to register them differenty by using .../trunk-kf5/ instead of all those .../trunk-kf5/af .../trunk-kf5/ar [...] but then the update would not finish in weeks probably due to the number of files. So I tried registering all the sub folders separately hoping they would finish more reliably (smaller jobs) but it has been weeks again after changing the enlistments. It's almost the same number of files both ways but its 283 small folders against 3 folders. While there seemed to be problems with both approaches, is one of those considered "preferred" with regards to the implementation of the fetching and analysing process? Regards, Frederik [Less]

almost 7 years ago