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written about 14 years ago

I'm really liking this tool, and am right now trying to move it to an OpenSuSE 11.1 install - initially I couldn't find it as a SuSE package - I had initially encountered Zim in a Debian "Etch" package list, installed it, and was trying it out.

Then I started using Zim via SSH to the Debian box [from the OpenSuSE box], forwarding the X connection over the SSH connection.

Now I've got a copy of /usr/bin/zim (a perl script, btw), the /usr/share/perl5/Zim directory [not used on OpenSuSE platform - using /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.10.whatever/

In used YaST to install all the Perl Modules I could find in the list. Note that Zim itself is not listed in any of the repositories that I have.

I think I see why the package manager packages are important - the Perl library structure of the two machines is quite different, and is requiring translation of e.g. the include path used by the 'use' and 'require' statements.

Overall I like Zim a lot. It does have a few problems - notably some spontaneous conversions of lists of links to some sort of un-correctable "Verbatim" version of the Wiki source code - I want finer control of the link target names [relative paths for sibling links, for instance], and what I think of as "the CSS and HTML output".

I like the file structure model, and the ease of creating free-form knowledge bases with heavy cross-linking.

I'm planning to do some work on this app, and so will be trying to connect with the development team, etc. I expect this to become a much better known program, soon, since with some simplistic support at the system level, it could become a light-weight, powerful, incredibly intuitive interface to maintaining a text knowledge base either locally on the desktop, or remotely e.g. on a web server.

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