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The Ohcount Project : Filter source file selection

It would be nice if the selection of files to be analyzed could be filtered by some user-provided rules, so that some files and/or subdirectories could be excluded from analysis. The reason for this ... [More] is that many projects contain files that are not actually provided and developed by the projects developers. This makes the ohcount statistics imprecise. For example, some projects provide certain libraries (or single source files) as part of their project, to reduce their dependencies. This starts from single files like gzstream.c/.h, but can reach as far as including significant parts of the Boost C++ library (as for example in ESPResSo++ ). Also, projects using GNU autoconf/automake/libtool provide shell scripts that are automatically generated but are included in the VCS, and should not be counted in the statistics. Of course, on the shell level I can already do this using find, but then using find is more complicated. Furthermore, implementing it in ohcount itself would allow to use the feature on ohloh itself, to obtain better statistics. I'm thinking of something like ohcount -x contrib/ -x configure src to analyze the files in the src subdirectory, excluding the files in src/contrib/ and the file configure. [Less]

about 13 years ago