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An aesthetic RPG of utter accomplish  
written almost 14 years ago

This was one of the first games I played when I entered the Linux scene and I was immediately hooked.

And till this day there I have not discovered any open cRPG of the same overall quality.

What I played then, years back, and still play once in a while is the demo “Waste’s Edge”, a short demonstration of the engine and various art assets.

The thing about Waste’s Edge is the harmony and aesthetics of it all. The gameplay is simple and straight forward, the plot easy enough for even me to solve it after a while, while at the same time keeping me hooked. The story just is there.

The same with the graphics and music, it’s just there. My eyes follow the main character trying to solve the mystery, and while I am not consciously aware of it, my eyes are throughout it resting on the painted canvas. Similarily my ears follow the tune of the music, unconsciously. It was only after several years that I noticed the art for it’s own sake.

That, fellow players, is how a good game is supposed to be. At least according to me. A game (or a feature film, graphic novel, poem, ...) that suddenly features a detail and brings it all the focus..., well it’s just a big fail. To me.

A movie that tries to tell a story with characters, decor and score that suddenly features an intensive soundtrack without giving place to all the other elements making the movie truly looses that great overall harmonic “feel”.

Not so Waste’s Edge. It amazed me, and still does, how utterly well this demo made the balance of not too much neither too little.

I can only hope, and wish, that the developers have the same focus for the whole game. I’d rather see another small, well done demo in ten years time than a hasty put-together large game tomorrow. Heck, I’d rather stay with the current demo.

If you are even the least in to RPGs, please give Adonthell a try, I’m sure you will not regret it.

And last, a great many thanks to all the developers for this great game (demo). Take care and be proud of what you have accomplished this far!

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