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Nuxeo Platform

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Build smarter applications for today's content challenges with the Nuxeo Platform. Cloud-native and low-code, Nuxeo Platform is your rapid-deployment secret weapon to power up application development and enterprise modernization in the cloud.

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Licenses: apache_2, eclipse, lgpl21

Gardening Manager

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Looking for software to organize your vegetable plantations, either on your balcony or in your vegetable garden. Created by a gardener, this Android application allows you to easily manage your rotation plots, crop combinations for a culture more natural. Start by creating your first vegetable ... [More] garden, geotag it to keep the weather, add your stock of seeds to your shed and follow your actions to harvest! Save other vegetable gardens if you're a great gardener! You can combine photos of your vegetables in their growth chart and follow their development. [Less]

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Maven plugin for using Ant as an assembly tool. It is an alternative to the maven-assembly-plugin: more comprehensive and easier to maintain. This plugins provides an advanced Ant integration within Maven, in the manner of nuxeo-distribution-tools itself inspired from ... [More] maven-antrun-extended-plugin. It extends maven-antrun-plugin with Maven related tasks for managing artifacts. The main functionality is the management of Maven artifacts graph (browse, download, filter...) in order to build distributions containing the wanted dependencies at the right place. [Less]

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