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Not available anymore!  
written almost 13 years ago

The homepage link is not valid anymore. There are no downloads for this project. No sources can be found.

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Git repo of the developers (TO ADD ...  
written over 13 years ago is the developers' repo, as stated at .

Someone with permissions could add it to the ohloh's Enlistments (for Code Analysis).

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In search for the latest sources of...  
written over 13 years ago

The author has announced a now disfunctional site with the repository with the latest source in 2008 (see the announcement: ); that site is not running anymore -- . :(

So probably one should ask the author for the latest revision, or perhaps look into the source tree of SXEmacs ( )...

(Another note: it's a pity XWEM doesn't work in GNU Emacs. I tried switching to XEmacs because of XWEM, but XEmacs felt quite a bit differently from the UI of GNU Emacs I'm accustomed to.)

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