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Gallery 2

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Gallery is the next generation of open source photo sharing web applications. Gallery gives you an intuitive way to blend photo management seamlessly into your own website whether you're running a small personal site or a large community site. Hundreds of thousands of people and organizations are ... [More] using Gallery to create personalized photo albums on their websites. [Less]

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Gallery 3

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Gallery3 manages and presents media organized into a hierarchy on well formed web pages. Gallery3 is a complete rewrite based on a newly analyzed set of requirements. The original design is presented on the sprint page. It is written in the kohana framework which provides an MVC structure. ... [More] Kohana is documented here. The goal of the Gallery3 team was to build a basic product that provided a facility for managing and presenting an organized set of media as well as a basic API that allows this management and presentation facility to be embedded and enhanced. [Less]

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