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The pgfSweave package provides capabilities for 'caching' graphics generated with Sweave. Using pgfSweave, figure labels are converted to LaTeX strings so not only do they match the style of the document but math can be put in labels. pgfSweave provides a new driver for Sweave (pgfSweaveDriver) and ... [More] new chunk options pgf and external on top of the cache option provided by cacheSweave. This package is built upon cacheSweave and therefore also Sweave. [Less]

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The TikZ device enables LaTeX-ready output from R graphics functions. This is done by producing code that can be understood by the TikZ graphics language. All text in a graphic output with the tikz() function will can be typeset by LaTeX and therefore will match whatever fonts are currently used in ... [More] the document. This also means that LaTeX mathematics can be typeset directly into labels and annotations! Graphics produced this way can also be annotated with custom TikZ commands. [Less]

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