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Suggestions for Ohloh 2.0 : Better kudos ?

I guess this is controversial and probably very discussed. But IMO, the kudo rank is extremely dependent on manual giving kudos to commiters, and barely even basing on user commits frequency. E.g. ... [More] you can push 10 commits, then receive 2 kudos from people having kudo rank already 9, and you will get high kudo rank like 8 or 9 probably already. And you're set for life. It won't drop much after years. OTOH, if somebody commits 10 commits a day and e.g. has a 1000 already, he won't have a kudo more than 7 (not sure) until he actually gets a kudo from another user. IMO either make a user given kudo AND commit based kudo. Or bias the current kudo rank a lot more to user's commiting frequency (also over shorter time base). For me, it counts most how often you commit daily (over last month and year), not how many friendly users gave you kudos. [Less]

over 9 years ago